Trust in Trupanion: The Benefits of Pet Health Insurance

If you are forced to decide whether to pay your mortgage or cover the cost of your pet’s cancer treatment, keeping your sanity—and your heart—intact is likely impossible. However, with the skyrocketing rise in pet health insurance popularity, a vast many options are available that can help you shoulder the financial burden of your best [...]

The Ins and Outs of Toxic Plants and Pets

Whether you are planning your outdoor landscaping, or looking to spruce up your abode, plants can offer a unique combination of beauty, tranquility, and health benefits. But, pet owners must beware of particular plant species, which can potentially threaten their furry family members. Keep in mind that curious kittens and playful puppies may find a [...]

Cats Need Regular Veterinary Care, Too

Many pet owners take their dog for regular veterinary check-ups, but not their cat, believing—wrongly—that cats are self-sufficient, and if they are not obviously sick or injured, they do not need veterinary care. However, cats are experts at hiding signs of illness, and only regular physical exams will pinpoint abnormalities that, if discovered and treated [...]