It may be a holiday that humans enjoy, but pets, not so much. The noises and commotion can be very frightening for them; thus, this is the biggest night of the year for missing pets to be reported. Whether staying in or going out for the holiday it is extremely important to remember these tips for 4th of July safety for pets:

  • First and foremost you should make sure you are well prepared for the worst, before the holiday. Make sure your pet has identification tags and a microchip. Be sure to verify that the microchip is registered to a monitoring company and has your current information.
  • If you are not sure how your pet will react keep them in a confined area that is as sound resistant as possible. Make sure they are not around open doors as a loid noise can cause a normally calm dog to dart out and run off.
  • Keep all of your fireworks and picnic food away from your pets. Any of these can be dangerous and/or toxic. If you suspect your pet has gotten in to something he should not have, contact your veterinarian immediately. You can also check on line to find out if a food item is toxic
  • Before letting your pet outside, check your yard for debris from the celebrations around you. Pieces from exploding fireworks can travel far.

Above all, just use caution with pets around any holiday. As much as veterinarians’ love to see you and your pet, we would like it to be only for well visits!

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