Annalise - Lead Veterinary Assistant


After moving every two years and growing up in a military family, Annalise put roots down in Ohio for a while, where she started her veterinary medicine career, met her boyfriend, and they expanded their family by two cats and a dog.

In the Fall of 2021, Annalise moved to Colorado for her partner's career but has been able to grow in veterinary medicine, with hopes of one day specializing in Internal Medicine. Annalise loves working in General Practice and being able to make connections with both pets and their owners.

Although she describes herself as an indoor cat and is self-proclaimed the least outdoorsy person in Colorado, she enjoys playing video games, reading, cooking, doing jigsaw puzzles, and sitting on her patio with her cats and a margarita. She will indulge her partner and dog in a rare family hike in the mountains when the weather calls for it.

Same-day appointments available.