I began my veterinary journey just this past year, but the passion for helping animals has always been a strong driving force. As a child raised in the woods in New Hampshire, my mom tells me that I would return from a day of playing outside brandishing injured snakes, ‘pet’ mice, and just about anything breathing that would let me love it. I’ve always had at least one dog in my life, and I’ve been fortunate to also share my home with cats, bunnies, rodents, and reptiles over the years. These days, our dog Pepper is more than enough to fill our house with life, love, and just the right amount of chaos.

When I’m not at Gentle Touch, I spend my time photographing the lovely people of Denver, and relaxing with my boyfriend and the pup! I look forward to continuing my education in the veterinary field, and hope to be a technician in the near future.

Bringing pet owners peace of mind is something that I find so fulfilling, and I’m so happy to be a cog in the wheel of this incredible team.