Hi! I’m Jada! I’m a southern girl at heart, but I moved from Florida to Colorado in 2019, and I never want to live anywhere else ever again! I have a literal zoo at home. In addition to my pride and joy, Winston, and my Quaker Parrot, Sky, I have an assortment of reptiles including a chameleon, a Savannah Monitor, a skink, a gecko, and a couple of snakes. I also love fish and have both marine and freshwater tanks. I love being outdoors in the beautiful Colorado weather, but also cuddling up on the couch with a good book, movie, or video game. When I’m not working, I also enjoy cooking and have a few baking gigs on the side.

I have always had a strong passion for animals, both big and small, and have always centered my life around caring for them. I’m currently pursuing a degree in Zoology and Animal Behavior. My goal is to become an Animal Behaviorist and I’m hoping that the experience and knowledge I have to gain from working at Gentle Touch will help me get there!