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Heating Up: How to Keep Your Pet Safe During Hot Weather

Although Denver weather can be unpredictable, one thing can always be counted on—there will be hot temperatures at some point during the summer, even if that 90-degree day is followed by a blizzard. So, while you may be practicing cold weather safety for your pet, you also need to be prepared for hot weather. Read [...]

Do’s and Don’ts to Ensure Your Pet is Travel Ready

You’ve packed your suitcase and compiled an upbeat playlist, but is your pet travel ready? If you are planning a trip with your four-legged friend, you want to ensure that you and your pet are prepared. Our American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)-accredited team at Gentle Touch Animal Hospital wants to help by providing do’s and [...]

Don’t Fear the Fourth: 5 Tips to Help Your Pet Safely Enjoy July Fourth

As July Fourth draws near, you’re likely planning your cookout menu, plotting the best spot to sit for the fireworks show, and envisioning lounging in the pool all afternoon. While these activities are the highlight of Independence Day celebrations, they can pose threats to your four-legged friend. Never fear—our Gentle Touch Animal Hospital team’s tips [...]

Treatment Recommendations for Common Pet Allergies

If your pet has allergies, you know that treatment is not straightforward, because the offending allergen must be identified before a management strategy can be determined. Common pet allergens include flea bites, environmental allergens, and food, and most allergic pets have itchy skin that they excessively scratch, lick, rub, and chew. Our American Animal Hospital [...]

Celebrate Mother’s Day With a Cat Spay

Gentle Touch Animal Hospital knows that cats are good mothers—almost too good—and as a cat friendly practice, our goal is to improve life for our female feline companions. Read on to learn interesting feline facts, why we should celebrate female cats, and why a spay is the best Mother’s Day gift a cat could want. [...]

Molly’s Heartworm Complications: A Case Study

Molly,* a chocolate lab, lay in the oxygen cage, laboring to breathe. The night before, we had carried her into our hospital on a stretcher, because she was too weak to walk. Her gums were blue, and she was coughing up blood. Molly had been at our hospital only two weeks before, for the adulticide [...]

Did You Know? Interesting Facts about Dogs

You know your canine companion is an incredible animal, but did you know that they have a sense of smell 10,000 times stronger than yours, which allows them to sniff out cancer, drops in blood sugar levels, oncoming seizures, bombs, and more? Dogs are truly wondrous creatures, yet we still have a lot to learn [...]

Naughty to Nice: How to Prevent Common Behavior Problems in Your Puppy

Is anything more exciting than welcoming home a new furry bundle of joy? We don’t think so. Bringing home a new puppy is a time full of fun and adventure, but one that can also have a fair share of challenges. In fact, behavior issues are the number one reason “teenage” dogs are surrendered to [...]