Your Senior Pet’s Cues That They Feel Stuck In Groundhog Day

Whenever you have a bad day,  you can remind yourself that tomorrow will be different. What about your pet? You have a general idea about the sort of day your senior pet experiences, but if they could, would they say their day is always like Groundhog Day, which is defined as a long, boring day [...]

9 Tips to Care For Your Senior Pet

As your pet enters their geriatric years, they require certain considerations to ensure they remain healthy and comfortable. Our team at Gentle Touch Animal Hospital offers nine tips to help you care for your aging pet. #1: Know when your pet becomes a senior citizen Older pets do not always act their age, making recognizing [...]

Helping Your Pet Age Gracefully

Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, pets are not only living longer, but they are doing it with better health and energy. Because of this, it is critical that pet owners utilize all of the advances that veterinary medicine can offer to help them age gracefully. For more specific details visit  You must also understand [...]

Arthritis: Helping Your Pet Age Gracefully

I remember the first time I realized how quickly pets age, I was 19 years old and back from college visiting my family on spring break.  I watched my then 15-year-old tabby slink her way down the stairs to greet me and was shocked at how old she looked.  Her orange fur was less vibrant, [...]