Treatment Recommendations for Common Pet Allergies

If your pet has allergies, you know that treatment is not straightforward, because the offending allergen must be identified before a management strategy can be determined. Common pet allergens include flea bites, environmental allergens, and food, and most allergic pets have itchy skin that they excessively scratch, lick, rub, and chew. Our American Animal Hospital [...]

Does My Pet Have Allergies? FAQs About Itchy Pets

Allergies in pets are relatively common, and although they can appear somewhat similar to allergies in people, they can also be vastly different. Our Gentle Touch Animal Hospital team answers some of the most common questions we routinely field about allergies in cats and dogs.  Question: What is an allergy? Answer: An allergy occurs when [...]

Fall allergies in dogs? Can my pet suffer from this?

Humans can suffer from fall allergies, and so can your pet. If you understand what they can be allergic to and what to watch for as far as symptoms, you can provide him with some relief. What can she be allergic to? Trees Weeds Mold and Dust Mites are the most common fall allergens Approximately [...]