Peeing Outside the Box: Debunking a Mystery in Cats

Cats are fastidious creatures who are independent, and spend most of their days sleeping to energize for the evening’s hunt around the house. Most cat owners know that their feline pal won’t hesitate to signal when they want a cuddle, a treat, or playtime with their favorite toy mouse. Cats are unwavering in their likes [...]

4 Ways to Enrich Your Indoor Cat

Our feline friends are independent with unique personalities that make them special. Many pet owners choose to bring a feline friend into their home because of their easy nature and the perceived limited needs of cats. However, cats, like our canine pals, require a lot of care, veterinary visits, physical activity, and enrichment. Cats are [...]

Cats Need Regular Veterinary Care, Too

Many pet owners take their dog for regular veterinary check-ups, but not their cat, believing—wrongly—that cats are self-sufficient, and if they are not obviously sick or injured, they do not need veterinary care. However, cats are experts at hiding signs of illness, and only regular physical exams will pinpoint abnormalities that, if discovered and treated [...]

Why You Should Take Your Cat to the Vet!

Why You Should Take Your Cat to the Vet! At Gentle Touch Animal Hospital, we understand that prevention is truly the best medicine where the health and wellness of your cat is concerned. More often than not we hear “oh my cat hates the vet” or “my cat is fine”. Oftentimes, cat owners do not understand [...]

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