Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Safety for Sun-Loving Pets

If you have made plans this summer to enjoy numerous fun activities, you likely want your pet to come along on the adventure. Our team at Gentle Touch Animal Hospital wants to help you ensure your pet stays safe while frolicking in the sun by offering do’s and don’ts for summer safety. #1: DO take [...]

Do’s and Don’ts of Barbecue Safety For Partying Pets

Summer has not truly arrived until you have your first barbecue. You are ready to fire up the grill, but you want to ensure your pet is safe during the festivities. The team at Gentle Touch Animal Hospital wants to provide some do’s and don’ts to keep your pet free from harm while the grill [...]

5 Outdoor Dangers That Can Harm Your Pet

Nothing is more enjoyable than spending an idyllic, sunshine-filled day outdoors with your furry pal. However, while your pet is romping around your backyard, they could run afoul of certain dangers that may be lurking in tall grass, bushes, or your garden. And, when you take your pet for a walk around the neighborhood or [...]

8 Facts Every Denver Pet Owner Needs to Know About Parasitic Diseases

With Denver often experiencing a wide range of temperatures in a single day, parasites never stay in hibernation for long. Mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are a real threat for your furry pal all year, which makes year-round parasite prevention essential for keeping your pet safe from disease. Our Gentle Touch Animal Hospital team highlights the [...]

Chew Toy Catastrophes: Safe and Unsafe Chews for Your Pet

Chew toys and treats may be the highlight of your pet’s day, but you want to ensure they are safe to enjoy, especially if you offer them to your pet when you’re walking out the door. Many pet owners rely on long-lasting toys and treats to entertain their pet while they’re at work, so they [...]

Perilous Pancreatitis in Pets

Resisting your pet’s begging eyes as you take your last bite of bacon, or when you happen to walk by their cookie jar, can be so difficult. Pet owners frequently show their furry pals love by giving them a tasty treat or sharing a meal. These treats are appreciated and loved by pets, as evidenced [...]

5 Reasons Why Staying Active with Your Pet is Important

The New Year is a perfect and popular time to set new goals and routines. Many people recommit to health and exercise routines because of their proven benefits to overall health and quality of life. In addition to committing to an active lifestyle yourself, you should include your pets in these goals, to ensure they [...]

The ABC’s of Pet First Aid

Our pets provide unconditional love and joy, and seeing them injured or sick is heartbreaking.  All pets are naturally curious, including those who are normally well-behaved. From invading leftover holiday candy to injured paws, accidents can happen at any time, and home first aid, while not a substitute for immediate veterinary care, can be life-saving. [...]

Holiday Safety 101: Pet Owners’ Edition

’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. But, wait! There arose such a clatter—not from the lawn, nor from the roof, but instead from the front room, there came a woof. You bolted out of bed to check on the noise, and discovered [...]

Top 4 Tips for a Safe Pets-giving

Holiday celebrations wouldn’t be complete without our furry family members. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and we want to keep pets safe during the biggest meal of the year. Kitchen nightmares and fire hazards are only some of the things that can turn a day from festive to frightening, leading to frantic calls to the ASPCA [...]

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