Warning! Coyote mating season is upon us!

Coyote safety is a major concern in our neighborhoods for those of us with furry family members. From early January thru early March or so, the coyotes are out in full force and looking for prey. They are becoming so desensitized to humans that they now will prowl all day, not just at dawn or dusk. It is critical that you are hyper-vigilant with your pets.

Gentle Touch Animal Hospital has some tips to help you protect your furry family members:

  • Keep all pet food and water sources inside.
  • Clean up all ripened and fallen fruit from your trees.
  • Avoid feeding wildlife, which causes the most problems. For example, over-filled bird feeders can attract insects, mice and squirrels, that in turn, attract predators.
  • When off your property, keep all pets on a leash, and supervised in your backyard (especially early mornings and evenings). Realize that coyotes are watching your routine as well, so when you place your animals outside after turning the light on, you are establishing a simple signal to the predator.
  • Spay your dog, as a dog in heat can attract coyotes.
  • Keep all garbage in well-sealed containers and in the garage or shed until collection day.
  • Close off all access holes and areas around your home, especially under decks and sheds where coyotes might establish a den.
  • Keep cats from free-roaming in the neighborhood; they are simply part of the food chain and will encourage coyotes to remain in the area.
  • Place motion light detectors around your home.
If you would like more information please visit this site: Living with Coyotes in Colorado

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