Humans can suffer from fall allergies, and so can your pet. If you understand what they can be allergic to and what to watch for as far as symptoms, you can provide him with some relief.

What can she be allergic to?

Mold and
Dust Mites are the most common fall allergens
Approximately 10% of dogs are allergic to some form of the above.

Symptoms of seasonal allergies:

Pets tend to display symptoms in a different manner than humans. We can cough, sneeze, have itchy eyes and a runny nose. In pets you can see:

Scratching of a particular location such as his ears, belly, or tail. It is continuous
Constant licking of paws
Red, scabby spots on the skin
Hair loss
Runny eyes
If you notice any of the above symptoms it is important to bring her in immediately to your Veterinarian. Depending on what might be causing the allergy and how it is manifesting, your vet has several options to treat. For a more complete list visit

Veterinary Treatment:

Steroid injections
Oral steroid
Oral antihistamines
In conjunction with medication, you can start some at home treatments that will help your pet stay comfortable.

Home Treatment:

A top quality pet food
Omega-3 supplements
Hypoallergenic shampoo
Monthly parasite control

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