Fear FREE Many pets experience significant stress during their visit to a veterinary practice. Unfamiliar sounds, smells, people and animals all contribute to an anxious experience. It's hard to see your beloved companion so afraid. More than that, heightened stress levels actually jeopardize medical care. When a dog or cat experiences stress, their body releases a hormone that affects their body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. These are the systems that medical teams use to assess a pet's overall health. Fear responses can make it difficult to know whether there is a medical issue present or it is merely stress. There is a growing movement within the veterinary industry towards Fear Free care. Fear Free is an organization that accredits practices for meticulously building a less stressful environment for pets from A-Z. Reducing the stress that pets feel during their visit has a wealth of wonderful consequences. We are at the vanguard of this movement because we believe your pet is family, and when it comes to family, you only want the best.

Fear Free Care

In addition to implementing stress-free handling techniques for our patients, we have also added the following to our fear-free program:

  • Treat rewards throughout the entire visit
  • Calming species specific pheromone diffusers in the exam rooms and kennel facilities
  • Species specific calming music in the exam rooms and kennel facilities
  • Medicinal and non-medicinal support for anxiety disorders
  • Behavior modification programs

Your pet’s health is our passion. Call us now, and let us care for you like family.