Clients who have an appointment with the doctor will be allowed to accompany their pet inside the hospital. We require a mask to be still worn, even if you are vaccinated. When you arrive, you will text the number on the sign in front of you, along with your parking spot number. An employee will call you to get the check-in information needed.

You will still stay in your car if you have a technician-only appointment as we do not want anyone gathering in our lobby. The technician will come out to get your pet. For medication and food pick-up, we will continue to bring it out to you. For appointments with the doctor, we will meet you at the door once you have been notified by a technician we are ready for you on the phone. If you enjoy staying in your car, this is still an option. Let the technician know to come to pick up your pet from your vehicle. Please do not walk up to the building or come inside without speaking to a staff member first.