It is the time of year that we all love to include our furry family members in our summer fun. Summer fun comes with summer safety. Read these important tips to help you make sure that there are no problems:

1.      We tend to assume that all dogs love to swim, but that is not always the case. Let him show you his comfort level and go in gradually, if at all. If you are on a boat, put him in a life jacket.

2.      Pets can get sunburned. You can protect her with a sun shield tee or even apply sunscreen. Test on a small area first to make sure it does not irritate her skin.

3.      If you are in the great outdoors, be aware that if your pet drinks from standing water, he can get sick.  Steer clear of algae as it can cause liver damage. After a swim in the pool, hose him down to prevent chlorine irritation. If you are at the beach be aware that a riptide can carry him off just like it can you.

4.      Concrete, sand and pavement can burn her paws. Stay away. If you must walk her on these surfaces, protect her with paw booties.

5.      DO NOT leave your pet unattended, outdoors for long periods of time. Make sure the water bowl is always full of clean, cold water, even for brief periods that she is outside.

** Warning signs of heat exhaustion**

–          excessive panting

–          pacing

–          lethargy

–          bright red or purple tounge and/or gums

–          for more info you can visit the ASPCA at

Call your vet immediately if you see any of these signs!

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