Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time of year for humans; but not so much for their furry family members. We enjoy our family, friends and (over)abundance of food. Pets can be stressed by all of the people and sickened from getting in to food and/or drinks that can cause them harm.

The following tips can help you keep your pet safe throughout the holiday season:


  • A very small bite of plain turkey will not cause any harm but make sure it is skin and bone free. Make sure it is very small as pets can easily contract gastroenteritis from too much fat. That will put them in the hospital for sure.
  • If you are making bread from scratch, keep him away from the raw dough. Raw yeast will continue to rise in the pet’s stomach and release carbon dioxide and convert to alcohol. The result is bloated, drunken pets and for sure a visit to the emergency clinic.
  • Any item that has raw eggs needs to be kept away from your pet. Raw eggs can cause salmonella poisoning.
  • Any type of alcohol can sicken your pet. Keep it away from them.
  • Caffeine in beverages and chocolate is toxic.

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  • Do not forget to stay away from toxic plants. These include lilies, holly, amaryllis, which are some of the more popular holiday plants. For a complete list, visit
  • Keep candles away from cats. They are curious and they will burn themselves or knock it over.
  • Ribbons and string commonly found in holiday decorations are very enticing to cats. If they ingest them, it is an abdominal surgery waiting to happen.

These lists are not all inclusive so make sure you do your due diligence and make your home safe. Thanksgiving safety for pets is an important topic for all pet owners!

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