The cold weather has arrived and it is more important than ever to protect your furry family member. Gentle Touch Animal Hospital has compiled these top tips for you to remember:

  • Antifreeze and ice melt is toxic! Wipe up any spills immediately. When your pet comes indoors, wipe their paws and underbelly so that they do not lick off ice melt. If your pet ingests either of these products head to your veterinarian immediately!
  • If it feels cold to us, it will feel cold to them. Fur helps, but not completely. Closed cars will feel like the inside of a freezer. Leave them at home!
  • Puppies do not tolerate cold as well as adult dogs so a sweater will help. Potty training may take longer in the winter, so be patient!
  • Water bowls left outside will freeze. If your dog must be out, make sure you keep the water bowl liquefied.
  • Paws can become frostbitten. If your pet will be outside for an extended period of time, put booties on them.
  • Ice will cut paws. Beware.
  • Tap on the hood of your car before starting your engine. Cats left out in the cold will climb up under the hood or wheel wells for warmth. Better yet, do not let your cat out when it is cold!
  • Because more rodents tend to venture indoors during the cold months, you will probably be tempted to put out bait. Don’t do it. It is very toxic and dogs love it!
As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, email us, or Phone: (303) 691-3720