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Gentle Touch Animal Hospital offers surgical care for dogs and cats. Our experienced veterinary team has the skill to perform a wide variety of veterinary surgeries. If your pet requires advanced surgery, we collaborate with board-certified veterinary surgeons that can perform your pet’s surgery at our convenient location.

Our colleagues are board-certified veterinary surgeons, and they have experience in performing a wide variety of procedures such as:

  • Complex soft tissue surgeries
  • Orthopedic procedures—Cruciate ligament repair and fracture repair

We are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, and we strive to offer the highest level of surgical expertise and care for your pet.

Veterinary Surgery

All of our veterinary surgeries are performed with the latest equipment and techniques available in veterinary medicine. We understand the stress associated with veterinary surgery, and we will make every effort to make the experience as fear-free and comfortable as possible.

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Prior to surgery, a thorough veterinary evaluation of your pet is performed, and a complete and transparent explanation of your pet’s diagnosis and treatment is given prior to surgery. Our veterinary team is committed to the health and safety of your pet, and our veterinary team will monitor your pet closely during the surgical procedure.

During the postoperative recovery period, the veterinary surgeon and technicians keep a vigilant watch on the patient’s recovery. We will discuss any post-operative care instructions, and any necessary pet prescription medications can be filled conveniently onsite.

Gentle Touch Animal Hospital is located in Denver, Colorado, and serves the surrounding areas. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pet’s health or our specialty care services. We enjoy fostering long-term relationships with our clients and patients, and we look forward to the opportunity to assist you.

We are accepting new clients, and we invite you to visit our animal hospital or view our virtual hospital tour.

Veterinary Cardiology

Gentle Touch Animal Hospital works closely with a board certified Veterinary Cardiologist.

We recommend that all pets with heart murmurs have an ultrasound of the heart performed to determine the cause and recommend treatments. This procedure will be performed at our location. We also work with the cardiologist to develop the proper treatment plan for our heart patients and to develop appropriate anesthetic protocols for our heart patients that require dental procedures or other surgical procedures.

Veterinary Radiology

Gentle Touch Animal Hospital works closely with a board certified radiologist to help aid in the diagnosis of (list services here). They can perform ultrasounds, review digital xrays and perform ultrasound guided biopsies.

Specialized Services We Provide
Quality Service and Time

Our customers value quality care

Thanks for another great year of medical care and help for our babies.
- H.H.

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Gentle Touch and will recommend you to everyone we know!
- Kerrie H.

We wanted to thank you for the extraordinary care, love and attention Yogi received from all of you.
- Mark & Kathy S.

Your vet practice has left an indelible stamp on us through your loving care for both Calliope and Sadie
- Jean & Jim S.

My heart felt thanks to all of you for the way you cared for my pets this past year. You all are the best!
- John M.

We have been nothing but impressed and amazed with their professionalism and true caring. I trust them with the members of our family
- Deb P.

I cannot adequately express my thanks for your care, concern and love Saturn and I feel from all of you.
- Carol G.

Dr. Tasky and crew you are such a blessing
- Scott S.

You are the best and we are lucky to have you
- Bob & Susan D.

We so appreciate all of the “gentle” care you provide for our animal kids.
- Robin & Tracy T.

Bless you all. You are definitely the best Denver Vets I have had the pleasure of working with.
- Carol B.

Boone was never afraid to come to Gentle Touch because he was given so much love from every single person there.
- The K. Family

Throughout Opus’ surgery and follow up visits, you all gave him great care. More importantly, you helped us through our anxiety in dealing with him
- Kerry and Andy Z.

We thank you for the service you provided us the last few years.
- Allen S.

You all do truly have a ‘gentle touch’ that will not be forgotten. Thanks again for your kindness.
- Cathy and Doug S

I know one of the reasons I was lucky enough to have him so many years is the care you took of him even though he wasn’t the most grateful of patients.
- Robin L.

Your pets are family. Get them the care they deserve.

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